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There’s still a stigma that using a decorator means a house full of dust…

Here at AMS we invest in state-of-the-art sanding equipment and can offer a virtually dust free service!

With top of the range sanders connected to extractors, excessive dust is a thing of the past.

This means irrespective of the size of the job or the amount of sanding required, you simply won’t see any dust!

Specialised Painters for Every Job

Whether it’s a simple repair to old woodwork, a rotten sash window, a front door crying out for attention, or a complete interior or exterior decoration, we’re here!

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We’ll provide you with a brief estimate and free breakdown, including a short-detailed method of how we will go about completing the work.

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One of my favorite things is applying colour to walls, ensuring the client has razor-sharp finished lines and a solid color finish; as you can see by these two examples, a feature wall and an office refurbishmnet for a regular client.

Both turned out great!

Water Damage  - Before & After

These are the kind of issues that arise on a regular basis. As you can see, there was extensive water damage and peeling paint.

Once the leak had been sorted, using the right products, I cleaned the wall and scraped away the worst of the flaky paint. Then I stain-blocked the affected areas, applying 2 coats of a binder to keep the remaining paint from flaking.

The result - stains gone that will not come back!

A Complete House Redecoration

This was a great project to work on; a huge renovation, and the finished result was awesome!

Projects like this require attention to detail to give the overall finish that 'edge'.

I sanded all the walls before applying the first coat which removed any imperfections and 'bits' on the wall. This process also allows the paint to settle better for a more solid look.

Then we rinsed the walls with fresh water for the final touch.




I really enjoy working on these old, high ceilings. They can be very time consuming to brush so I sprayed this using a flat matt finish to hide years worth of wear.

The end product looked like new. 




This is a great example of a challenging job in Hove. The balcony was rotten in places, along with the sash window and doors. We had to cut out the rot, replace it with new timber, make the balcony safe then felt the balcony.

Panels were cut out of the sash window and replaced, sealed so water could not get in then painted with 3 coats. I’m a firm believer that, when possible, replace old timber for new. It lasts longer and saves time.

Living by the coast, it’s important to protect the exterior of your property against the elements with regular maintenance and a high-quality finish.

Whether brightening up the outside of your home with a crisp new paint job, restoring it to its former glory, or looking after windows, wooden surrounds, brickwork and other outdoor structures, we have the tools.

Sash Windows

Sash Windows - Before & After

Sash windows are one of the finest examples of British heritage, but are also one of the most complicated things to decorate well and have them last. High-quality sash windows is something that AMS decorating is known for.

These are a good example of the turnaround that can be achieved. There was a lot to this job but in short, we had to remove the old, dead wood, replace some beads, and a couple of panels; then rub down and smooth over the existing wood, ready for filling repairs.

We then sealed the putty lines where it met the glass with a sealant to prevent water from getting in and rotting the beads, finally applying 3 coats for a solid finish.

Front Doors

One of my favourite things to work on is the front door! It’s the first thing anyone sees and gives that first impression.

This was the front door to a large Brighton hotel called 'A Room with a View'.

To achieve the above finish takes a lot of sanding down, fine filling and sanding between coats. A process that sometimes gets left out is buffering before the final coat.

This gives that extra shine for a glass-like appearance.

Hand Painted Furniture

Hand-painted furniture adds a neat final touch to any room. These cupboards were part of a three-floor refurbishment in Hove.

A piece of bespoke hand-painted furniture can become the feature of your home!

Keen home decorators can achieve very pleasing results, and single items can be good fun to paint but where you have a lot of furniture to do, or where you want a really high-class finish or specialist decorative finishes, it pays to call in the professionals.

To get a spray-like finish is all about knowing what products and tools to use.

Firstly, we decreased the unit then washed with fresh water; this allows the coats of paint to sit on a good surface. We used very light sandpaper to gently rough the wood for the first coat.

Then to build the coats up we used a water-based primer, then applied 2 topcoats with high quality, short pile mini roller. It’s safe to say that the client did not expect it to come out looking like a factory spray finish!

This kitchen pantry was a late addition to a huge extension in Burgess Hill. My client acquired this unit and wanted it to match the colour of their kitchen. I stated before the importance of cleaning and degreasing.

This was a brand new unit and you can see the amount of dirt that came off. With a unit like this, the margin for error is so small and surface grease & dirt will seriously harm the finish.

After degreasing, cleaning and rinsing with fresh water, I applied an adhesion primer; this coat bonds to the surface that’s not easy to paint and allows lovely smooth topcoats.

We applied two topcoats for the solid finish.

It’s knowing what products and tools to use to get the factory spray finish by hand.






These are two examples of small but very important repairs with lasting impact.

My client had her door broken. The before picture is the chippy repair and then you see how I left it. To achieve this result, I had to smooth over the existing wood, seal the edges so they were no gaps. Then fill the small gaps where the new timber was screwed to the old. Then smooth run down the filler, prime and paint. The result, a repair you never knew happened.

Similarly, with the door handles.

To get the sharp edge finish you have to build the filler layers up, gently rub down then overfill. Using the existing line of the door, you sand down both sides following the edge. The skill is to sand evenly until the desired finish is achieved.


We service a wide range of spaces and properties; from small studio apartments and large family homes to offices, shops and restaurants. No job is too big or small.

Our residential and commercial customers are across all of Sussex on interior painting and decorating projects. We pride ourselves on ensuring the highest quality finish throughout – Keeping within budget and on schedule.

About Us

Committed to Quality Since 2018

I’m Anton Sullivan and I’m the owner of AMS decorating, a family run business based just outside Brighton.

After many years decorating for other companies, I decided to open up AMS Decorating in 2018 with two core values.

  • To bring a professional and organised approach to decorating
  • To use water-based paints as much as possible

Water-based paint technology has improved so much in the last few years and I’m a bit of geek when it comes to using new products and paints; my superpower is finding the RIGHT product for the RIGHT job – one size does not fill all 😀

Thanks to sticking to our principles, we’ve had the privilege to work with some lovely clients on their homes as well as large new build houses, stately homes and landmark Brighton hotels.

In my spare time, I am a keen rugby fan, love a trip to Twickenham and spending time with my wife, beautiful young daughter, dog and cat.

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Thanks to AMS! I contacted Anton very close to Christmas and he was able to fit me in and complete the job on time, very good especially in peak season! I had a full quote but Anton did go the extra mile to give me recommendations to ensure I was satisfied with the end result. Prompt reply to messages and clear communication. If your property needs painting and decorating, I can warmly recommend AMS. Anton is friendly open and easily to deal with. He sent me updates of the work during completion which was very helpful. A great guy and happy to support a local business. Thanks again and please pick up AMS for all your property needs this year. Wonderful result. Very happy. Gemma .

100% would recommend AMS Decorating! They re-did my bedroom and my parent’s hallway! They both look brand new and absolutely fantastic! Amazing quality work for a great price!

Fantastic job done on our new house. Very precise, good attention to detail and cleans up properly!

Thanks, Anton. We love our dark grey woodwork and light grey walls. Anton is very helpful

Great job done in our living room and dining room. Looks fab and highly recommend. We will be calling upon their services again soon for the kitchen! Thank you

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